How Did You Hold On? ~ Part 1 of 5

I recently met a woman who had the courage to ask me a very important question. I’ll call her Jillian.

Jillian and her husband are both tenured professors at a prestigious university, but for a number of years they have endured one of life’s struggles that requires all personal resources, saps your energy until the daily pressures seem more than can be borne. They had attained both great status and a comfortable living—isn’t that what most people dream of? Yet their daily struggle kept life’s focus on just surviving another day.

Many people attain our culture’s standards of success only to realize those goals never insulate us from life’s harsh realities.

Where do you, dear reader, find solace? Where do you find the strength to go on? To take another step?

Some people turn to alcohol, some to volunteerism, some to government programs. What do you turn to? Whom do you seek out? How do you know what questions to ask?

Jillian asked me if I had ever encountered something in my life that seemed it would deplete me. Then she had the courage to ask, “How did you make it through that? How did you hold on?”

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