FORSAKEN ~ The Woman Caught, Part 3 of 3

Paid? Something had happened which I did not understand.

I stopped, turned to look at Him again where He hung, suspended above the mount. The ground convulsed beneath my feet. The air became filled with clouds of dust and cursing. The morbid crowd that had gathered to mock Him now panicked and flowed around me down the mountainside.

Love hung lifeless on the tree.

Who is this Jesus? Why had He set me free? Had that been sadness I had seen in His eyes on that day long past? Had He known what lay before Him? Had it cost Him something to declare me free?

For days the questions pounded through my thoughts, tore at my heart. I sought out His followers to ask them these things. Their incredible words caused great rejoicing in my soul: He had risen! Unfathomable reality. He had risen, alive, from a grave that could not hold Him, never to die again. Their words shook me deeper than any earthquake ever could. He had, indeed, died because of my sin, and not my sin only but for the sin of all mankind. Their words frightened me—but led my feet to a pathway where, for the first time, I found I belonged.

Through His death, that One Man set me free forever from condemnation before Almighty God. Because of His love for me, my just judge took the punishment for my sin upon Himself. Because He forgave me, I shall never again be forsaken.


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