Tears of a Clown

“Rob was addicted—to comedy.[1] For twenty years he made a career out of making people laugh, rubbing elbows with stars like Henny Youngman and even Red Skelton.

“Everyone thought Rob was a funny guy. But there was nothing funny about Rob’s drug and alcohol problems. His addictions almost cost him his career—and his life.

I used to tell everybody that it was all part of the business.

“But when Rob almost died from a heroin overdose, that was the beginning of the road that eventually led to the Mission.

“At first, Rob thought, I’m not going to the Mission. I’m not a bum!
Then he took a good, hard look in the mirror. You’re homeless. You can’t stop drinking. Where don’t you qualify?!

“The Mission has helped Rob find lasting sobriety. Even helped him get a job at a neighborhood furniture store between comedy gigs. But most important, it helped him connect with God.

The answers to life are in the Bible. At the Mission, they preach it. Do it. Live it. Share it.
I look around here and see people succeeding. How can I refute that?

“Rob still does stand-up comedy, but now it’s not the most important thing in his life.”


Rob found a reasonable hope.

Through the devastating times of my life and the dark tunnels of disappointment and heartache I’m presently walking through, God’s presence has made all the difference. Right now, I could very easily be a bitter, nasty cynic—or dead (I was very suicidal about the age of 19). Instead I have chosen to believe the promises of God through Jesus Christ, and the reality of His life-giving power in my life has made all the difference. I have a God-given life worth living. ~ Christine


[1] Twin Cities Messenger. Union Gospel Mission. St. Paul, MN. Vol. 7, No. 8. Nov 2009. Pg 4.



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