About Stories 4 A Reasonable Hope

Injustice – Hate – Betrayal – Unexpected Loss

We all experience them.

What do we do about them besides hurt?

Where do you find comfort? Where do you find the strength to go on? To take another step?

Some people turn to alcohol, some to volunteering, some to government programs.
What do you turn to? Whom do you seek? How do you even know what to ask?

That’s Where Stories Come In

Stories can leave us encouraged, inspired, informed, or scared spitless,
or can dredge up some of those unresolved issues.

Stories give answers

some right, some wrong, some subtle or subliminal,
some shouting so loudly they blow our hair back

but Stories never leave us unchanged.

» Watch One: Life is Like a Cup of Coffee «

Maybe we can learn something from Stories
but not just any stories :: Real-to-Life Stories

—something that will give us the right answers to know how to deal with injustice and betrayal and loss,
—something that can help us find healing for those hurts.
—Something that can lead us to Real-Life Answers to Real-Life Needs.

We want to tell the stories of real people who have faced the dark tunnels of life
and come out the other end with a deeper understanding
of how the truths and promises of Jehovah God do meet our deepest needs.

That’s what Stories 4 A Reasonable Hope is all about.

In great stories I find Justice. In Great Stories I find Answers. In Great Stories I find Hope.

In The Greatest Story I find intelligent, Reasonable Hope.




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