About Copyright

What is Copyright?

The best answer for that comes from the U. S. Copyright Office. I have encapsulated into a PDF document several FAQs from www.copyright.gov. If you do much Web surfing and are tempted to right-click and Save File As, then you need to become familiar with the law.

Stories 4 A Reasonable Hope, its text, and all original writings and images are the intellectual property of Christine Hunt unless otherwise noted. All rights are reserved.

If you would like to use a story or photograph from this site, contact me: RightLineEditing -AT- somtel -DOT- net.

Other helpful sites I found in my own internet research of this topic are:

Thank you for using this site respectfully.

Copyright/Reproduction Limitations

All posts and pages on Stories 4 A Reasonable Hope are the sole property of Christine Hunt. They may not be altered or edited in any way. No posts or pages on Stories 4 A Reasonable Hope may be used without the expressed, written permission of Christine Hunt for any resale or the enhancement of any other product,  sold or distributed free of charge. Individual blog posts may be reproduced only in their entirety for circulation without charge and must contain this copyright notice: “Copyright 2010 Christine Hunt, https://reasonablehope.wordpress.com.”


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